Research internship for Bachelor of Engineering Science students (MSE)

Within the framework of the MSE, the Institute for Energy Systems coordinates the "Center for Power Generation" (

We offer practical research opportunities to Bachelor students in Engineering Science (MSE). As part of the research internship both theoretical and practical activities can be completed independently, under the guidance of a supervisor. Projects will be assessed as a Research Internship (4 ECTS), as a part of the Bachelor of Engineering Science program, and a part of it will be financially supported by the study office of the MSE. The research intership is also possible in English.

Fields of Activity

The research of the Institute is divided into the areas Power Plant Engineering, Renewable Energy - Biomass, Measurement Technology and Modeling/Simulation. Experimental work is carried out on a series of test plants. More information about topics, test facilities and projects can be found here.

Procedure of the Project

The MSE research internship is designed for 120 hours, of which 80 hours will be paid under a HiWi agreement. You will agree on a topic and the scope of the work with the supervisor and, within the HiWi agreement, on approximate weekly working hours. The 120 hours can be completed either as one block or spread over several months, depending on the agreement. The registration is carried out at the secretariat of the Institute. The project is completed with a report or a poster, which must be signed by the supervisor and stamped by the Institute.

How do I get a project?

If you have a rough idea of the field you are interested in and whether you want to work on a theoretical (simulation, research) or practical (using the testing facilities) topic, then please write an E-mail to Felix Fischer. They will establish the contact to the corresponding supervisor.