Energy from biomass and residuals

This course deals with the possibilities and framework conditions for the energetic use of biomass and recycled materials.

During the first section of the lecture, concepts for the use of biogenic materials and for the treatment of recycled materials will be presented. Next to conventional utilization concepts for heat and power generation, innovative concepts such as fermentation, pyrolysis and gasification, the generation of fuels, and the application of new technologies such as fuel cells, ORC processes and Stirling engines will be presented.

The second section of the lecture will deal with the operational basics of these concepts. The focus of this section will lie in technical problems that arise during the combustion and gasification of various fuels, as well as fuel logistics.

The final section of the course will focus on the planning of decentralized supply and disposal facilities.

In the framework of a seminar, students will choose individual examples of possible biomass concepts which they will then develop and assess based on economic and legal feasibility. The results of the seminar will be presented by the student groups in front of industry representatives. The work will be evaluated and awarded regarding economic and technological feasibility, as well as the presentation of the results.

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Duration2 SWS
TermWintersemester 2019/20
Language of instructionGerman


Course criteria & registration

See TUMonlineAnmeldung direkt in TUM Online. In Kombination mit dem Seminar Energetische Nutzung von Biomasse und Reststoffen als Vertiefungsfach (5 ECTS), nur die Vorlesung als Ergänzungsfach (3 ECTS) anrechenbar.