Seminar on sustainable energy systems (formerly Energy Systems II)

This course serves as the continuation, and conclusion, of the lecture Sustainable Energy Systems.


The seminar rounds out the lecture Sustainable Energy Systems. The goal is to form student project groups dealing with themes in the field of energy systems of today and of the future, and to thoroughly analyze these themes. After finding a concept, the determination of its requirements should be completed, and the technology’s possible applications are to be described. Some things that may arise in this section are questions of coverage, and performance assessments. Lastly, economical factors are to be determined, and the realistic application of the concept on the market is to be evaluated.

Group distribution

  • Ideally, groups should be formed before the start of the course on your own time
  • Alternatively, groups can be formed through the institute
  • 3-5 Students
  • Division of tasks done independently by each group


Each group will be assigned a doctoral student from the institute as a mentor.

Written report

Next to the final presentation through a representative from each group, an overview of how the project was developed must be submitted per group. It must be clear through this overview which member of the group did which tasks. (Documents: Seminararbeiten)

Evaluation and participation

Should Sustainable Energy Systems be completed as a "Vertiefungsfach", participation in this seminar is mandatory. The grades are given for each group (evaluation of the presentation + written report). The total grade then consists of the lecture grade (3 ECTS) and the seminar grade (2 ECTS). There are obligatory meetings that have to be attended in order to complete the course.

Small group presentations will serve as the preliminary round, after which the 5 best groups will be chosen. The most successful concepts will also be presented at the final meeting of the seminar in front of industry representatives.

The 1st, 2nd and 3rd place will be awarded with prize money or a material prize.

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Duration1 SWS
TermSommersemester 2019
Language of instructionGerman


Course criteria & registration

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