Numerical methods for energy systems

The course deals with numerical computation methods in general and particularly focuses on energy systems (e.g. ANSYS Fluent) .


  1. Introduction to numerical analysis: error analysis procedure for simulation problems in the field of energy systems
  2. Numerical calculation of differential equations: ordinary differential equations, initial value problems for ordinary differential equations, boundary value problems for ordinary differential equations, finite element method for boundary value problem in ordinary differential equations, partial differential equations, parabolic partial differential equation (FDM), hyperbolic partial differential equation (FDM), elliptical partial differential equation (FDM, FEM), solution of a transport equation using the finite volume method
  3. Computational fluid dynamics: Equations of fluid mechanics, post-processing, turbulence modeling, discretization of the equations, spatial discretization, convergence of numerical solutions, tips and experience for successful modeling
  4. Advanced models for computational fluid dynamics: multi component flows, multi phase flows, radiative energy transport, chemically reacting flows, heterogeneous combustion reactions

Appendix - Additional numerical methods: interpolation and approximation, numerical integration, numerical differentiation, linear algebraic systems of equations, systems of nonlinear equations

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Stefan DeYoung, Thorben de Riese

Duration2 SWS
TermWintersemester 2019/20
Language of instructionGerman


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