ELIF Spectroscopy

ELIF stands for Excimer Laser Induced Fragmentation Fluorescence. It is a laser measurement method, which makes the contactless measurement of gaseous alkali metal compounds (NaCI, KCI, NaOH and KOH) in a combustion or gasification reactor possible.

The measuring principle is based on a simultaneous cleavage of molecules, and excitation of the respective alkali atom by a VUV-laser. After the return of the agitated atom to its original state, a photon of a characteristic wavelength is emitted. The intensity of this “fluorescent signal” is a measure of the concentration of the alkali compound in question

An ELIF measurement device is being developed at the Institute for Energy Systems, which will be especially optimized for use under high pressure and high temperature conditions.

Technical Data
Measurable substances: NaCl (g), KCl (g), NaOH (g), KOH (g)
Measurement range: 1 ppb - 25 ppm
Operating temperature: < 1200 °C