Electricity and heat storages

This course provides an detailed overview of established and innovative storage technologies for electricity and heat. The technical foundations, the functional principle as well as applications and limitations of various storage technologies are discussed. Furthermore, simplified methods for appraising the technologies are presented.

Initially, the importance of energy storages for achieving  climate change objectives is discussed. Based on this the demand of storage capacity is derived. Subsequently, concepts of electricity storages (e.g. Hydro Pumped Storages, Compressed Air Energy Storage, Batteries,…) are presented, evaluated and compared with each other. Since heat storages increased in significance during the last decade, the second part of this course deals with this technology focusing high-temperature heat storages for industrial applications as well as applications in power plants. Therefore, the fundamentals of storing heat and the related thermodynamic and constructive issues are discussed. Based on this the application of heat storages in selected processes such as solar thermal power plants, coal or gas fired power plants or compressed air energy storages are analyzed.

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Duration2 SWS
TermWintersemester 2019/20
Language of instructionGerman


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