Nowak Delgado, Richard, M.Sc.

Institute for Energy Systems
Boltzmannstrasse 15
85748 Garching

Zimmer: 3702

Telefon: (089) 289 16278
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Main Research


  • 1
    Nowak Delgado, R.: Introduction to a Pilot-Scale Test Rig for Combustion of Biomass. Biofficiency Spring School, 2019 more…
  • 2
    Nowak Delgado, R.; Wolf, C.; Fendt, S.; Spliethoff, H.: Combustion of Woody Biomass in a Pilot-scale Real Flame Swirl Burner Test Rig // 2BV.4.27. 26th European Biomass Conference & Exhibition , 2018EUBCE 2018 more…
  • 3
    Nowak Delgado, R.; Wolf, C.; Johne, P.; Fendt, S.; Spliethoff, H.: Sampling of Fly Ash and Fine Particles (PM10) in Two Full-Scale Boilers Firing Pulverized Wood with Coal Fly Ash Addition. 27th International Conference on the Impact of Fuel Quality on Power Production and the Environment, 2018IFQ 2018 more…
  • 4
    Nowak Delgado, R.: Biomass Combustion from Lab-Scale to Full-Scale: A Holistic Approach for CHP Plants. 8th Energy Colloquium of the Munich School of Engineering, 2018 more…