Ongoing projects

Project Contact Head of Department
BioCORE Dr.-Ing. Stephan Herrmann
Biofficiency - Highly-efficient biomass CHP plants by handling ash-related problems Lynn Hansen Sebastian Fendt
Bavarian Geothermal Alliance - Efficient and flexible Geothermal Power Production Sebastian Eyerer Dr.-Ing. Christoph Wieland
Bavarian Geothermal Alliance - Monitoring Matthäus Irl Dr.-Ing. Christoph Wieland
CleanTechCampus Wolf Gereon Wedel
Dr.-Ing. Annelies Vandersickel
COOREFLEX-turbo 3.2.6 - Leakage Performance and Rotordynamic Characteristics of Modern Dynamic Sealing Concepts with Leaf Seals Clemens Griebel
E2Fuels Sebastian Miehling Sebastian Fendt
ECOFlex LaBreVer – Load- and Fuel-flexible Combustion Albert Biber Dr.-Ing. Christoph Wieland
Energy Valley Bavaria - Dynamic Simulation Moritz Westermeier Dr.-Ing. Christoph Wieland
Energy Valley Bavaria - Evaporation facility Tobias Gschnaidtner Dr.-Ing. Christoph Wieland
GeoFlex - Flexibility options for geothermal electricity and heat generation in an energy system determined by volatile electricity supplies Matthäus Irl Dr.-Ing. Christoph Wieland
HotVeGas - High-temperature gasification and gas purification processes for IGCC power plants Stefan DeYoung
ICER - Low Grade Waste Heat Recovery for Enhanced Energy Efficiency in Heavy Industry Roberto Pili Dr.-Ing. Christoph Wieland
ReGasFerm - Utilization of biogenic residues in a biorefinery concept via entrained flow gasification with coupled gas fermentation for the production of basic chemicals Philipp Johne Sebastian Fendt
SYNSOFC - Solid Oxide Fuel Cells Michael Hauser Sebastian Fendt
TWIST – Fluidized Bed based Thermochemical Energy Storage for Industrial Applications and Power Generation Manuel Würth
Dr.-Ing. Annelies Vandersickel